You might not know them. You have probably never heard them. You have definitely never seen them. You might even doubt their existance – just like you would with a Pale Stout.

  1. Black Crucifixmas
  2. Judas Bells
  3. Super loud night
  4. Satan is coming to town
  5. Rudolph, the pitchforked reindevil
  6. Unholy night
  7. Last Christmas (you gave me your soul)

All songs written by Chrixxx and Eternal Nat, except “Super loud night”, written by Rut 666.

© 2018 Evragla Records


Brewing a stout without roasted malt is a huge challenge. We selected malt and grains that we believed had some of the characteristics in stout. The way we mashed also played a part in the final illusion,


We identified what we thought were the typical stout flavor, including coffee, chocolate, caramel, dry fruits, smokiness, and  vanilla. We then came up with ways to add those flavors, naturally, without roasted malt.


We spent many weeks of research, finding the best ingredients, trying, failing, testing and improving processes, before coming up with a final plan. Not saying we nailed it, but we think we came pretty close.


At the end of the day, it’s up to you guys to decide if we succeeded or not. Somewhere in all this there’s a point to be made. That looks can be deceiving, and that our brain is very easy to fool. What our eyes see is half the taste.